Heated or Air-conditioned Kennels for big or small dogs.
                                     Cat Condos for the cats.

Regular rooms are 4x4 inside and 4x8 outside.    $20.00 a day                                                             

Doggie Suites (a little room of their own) have a bed and TV.   $25.00 a day

-         the suites are twice as big inside and out.

Our 2nd building has individual heated kennels.

The inside is 3x5 and the outside 6x14.

In all kennels they can go inside and out anytime.

Cat Condos are 3x2 and 4 high. They have 3 levels to jump to. The top level makes it nice to lay in the sun.  $15.00 a day

Suites and Condos are limited so board early!

We strive to establish and maintain a healthy environment; therefore we require that all pets be current on their vaccinations as follows:

For DOGS:                                                For CATS:
5 way shot                                               Rabies
Rabies                                                       Distempber               

Bortella (Kennel Cough)

Please bring your shot records and your pets own food. There is a $4.00 per day charge if we feed them our food. We like to keep them on a regular routine as much as possible but do charge $2.00 per day to separate them to eat if they share a kennel. We do administer medications for a $4.00 per day charge. 


You are welcome to bring anything that makes your pet comfortable such as:
 Favorite toys, chew-bones, blanket, bed etc. 
Dogs are exercised at least twice daily and given individual attention. We also have a playground area that the dogs love to play in.
Drop off and pickup times are by appointment only. 

We welcome you to come to see our facility.
 At the same time we can meet your pet.

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